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How To Prevent Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is especially common among children,Caused by germs called enterovirus.


It is critical to start teaching our kids proper hygiene, to wash their hands with soap as frequently as possible. Particularly, before and after procedures that require the use of hands, such as meal times and after using the bathroom.

Whether it’s catching grasshoppers or climbing trees, kids love getting their hands dirty at the playground. Those same pair of hands would later on reach out for those chicken nuggets that you prepared on the dinner table. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that they have regular baths at least twice a day so that they are less at risk of the effects of harmful microbes.

Disinfecting common areas at home is a great way to prevent your child from catching the hand-foot-and-mouth disease. You think that your children’s cleanliness is beyond your control once they’re off to school as you are not there to shelter them under your wings. While this is somewhat true, it can be overcome by talking to your children’s teachers or daycare workers. Advise them to disinfect certain areas and items in school, such as toys and learning materials, as often as possible. Coming up with a reward system at school is also an excellent initiative to take to establish the habit of washing hands among children. Praises and rewards can come a long way in conditioning children to adopt a long-lasting healthy habit.

Teaching your child to cover their mouths while they sneeze or cough also helps to prevent viruses from spreading from child to child. As responsible parents, you should always keep your child at home once the symptoms become noticeable. This will also help prevent the spread of the disease to the other children at school.

Every morning, while you fill your children’s tiny backpack with snacks for mealtime, be it a sandwich or some crackers, you must bear in mind the importance of providing them with their own personal cups, plates and cutleries. Bringing their own set of dinnerware is preferred as it discourages sharing. While this may sound like you’re teaching your children how to be unpopular at the play yard, it will greatly reduce the likelihood of them touching a contaminated surface. Gently explain to them what should be shared, and what absolutely should not, and why.

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