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The World's Most Advanced Sanitiser

Say hello to cleanliness for 365 Days

All year round total defence 

It’s a dirty world we're living in. More often than not, our filthiest encounters are just breeding under our nose where we least expect.  


With a portable THYMOS everywhere you go, it does not matter what germs you are exposed to as THYMOS becomes your best companion and personal doctor in protecting you continuously and automatically.

Temporary help, permanent damage

Sanitisers have long been said to do much more harm than good. While it is known to kill bacteria, the toxic ingredients used such as parabens, alcohol and fragrance could end up creating permanent health problems for you and making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. 

Forget repeated scrubs to ensure you are completely clean.  Not only do you fail in killing bacteria, you are increasing their antibiotic resistance while ruining the surfaces of your hands and objects with harsh use of chemical.

Once is enough

Stop transmission of diseases

Diseases and illness such as cancer can be prevented. However, unlike human who requires rest, bacteria or viruses are constantly evolving stronger to fight antibiotics used against them. Thus, making them harder to detect and eliminate.

Keep your skin and belongings safe

Alcohol-based solution can cause damages to the surfaces of your belongings when used repeatedly, allowing chemicals such as parabens and BPA to penetrate your skin easier. 


THYMOS’ alcohol-free solution is tuned to pH 5.5, keeping your skin safe, moist and free from pathogens.

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Be the best version of yourself 

Feel fresh and reenergised in your daily life when the air and surrounding is clean! THYMOS generates negative ionised air that automatically boosts mood chemical serotonin level in your body to relieve stress, increase daytime energy and alleviate depression.

Stop disease
Skin safe
Be the best

On a quest for excellence in hygiene and comfort, THYMOS’ HEALTH™ is the most outstanding and stunning sanitiser in the world.

Made for the comfort of every stylish individual.



Portable Design

Super fine sprayer

Protect up-to


170 Sprays

Multi-surface treatment



365Days lasting

With one single treatment



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