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AirGuard Technology™

THYMOS® revolutionise the world around you with an all-new technology that sanitises automatically for 365 days in a single spray.


Changing the way people traditionally sanitise, THYMOS brings comfort and instant protection in everyone’s daily lives from bacteria and viruses – making moments more enjoyable without worries. 

This is your choice, be your own hero.


Why it last 365Days

Bacteria and viruses are constantly growing stronger day by day for survival. Without careful precaution and protection, the human system will easily be exposed and prone to diseases that it is incapable to fight.

Unlike any other sanitiser, THYMOS is the world’s most advanced sanitiser that works relentlessly around the clock to protect any treated surface of your choice from the most harmful bacteria and viruses, including the smallest virus ever found. 

Whenever the technology comes into contact with a particular surface, it automatically releases negatively charged ions that will help in capturing airborne particles including Pathogens and Volatile Organic Compounds, meanwhile mineral charges form an electron shield around the treated surface. Pathogens and VOC on the sterilising surface will be disarmed and permanently eliminated - making it impossible for any form of survival and replication. 

THYMOS generates a powerful shield by releasing negatively charged ions to protect you from direct contact to allergen materials and harmful pathogens. With activated mineral particle breakdown as small as 100,000x smaller than human hair, it can effectively penetrate any surface on Earth.


Using the finest high-quality of minerals, THYMOS films a shield around the mobile phone with Activated Minerals that will automatically be triggered and activated to protect when it comes in contact with air and light. The activated mineral particles generate bacteriostatic electron that destroys pathogens, and the growth or multiplication of bacteria.

Let this be your first and last time

A Virus-Free Environment

Virus is a microorganism smaller than a bacterium that invades living organisms such as human and animals to grow and reproduce. For decades, virus has been the cause of many common human infections to full-blown global pandemic that have taken millions lives yearly, and to kill it completely is almost impossible. 

Laboratories worldwide had certified THYMOS’s ability to kill 99.99% of deadly MERS-CoV, CoronaViruses, Influenza H1N1, Enterovirus (Coxsackie), Staphylococcus Aureus, E-Coli, Aspergillus, Candidas, Pseudomonas & other pathogens. ​


With THYMOS, its Self-Sanitising technology™ can easily penetrate any porous surface and combat any pathogens, including the world’s smallest virus while you go on with your daily life. By generating a powerful shield formed around your treated surface in just one single application of activated minerals, these minerals inherently present on the shield will instantly weaken the pathogens’ organic membrane; stop its replication and ultimately causing bacterial cell death.  

Anti-Grease. Look as good as new

THYMOS technology forms a shield by filling every porous surface to keep your mobile phone’s glass clean and clear from grease, thumbprints and grimy stains that carry everyday harmful pathogens and VOC from countless exchange of touch.


How does it work? THYMOS creates a hydrophilic effect on treated surface by filling up with uneven particle size, creating a small contact angle < 5 degrees, which water such as our body sweat and dusts and dirt, cannot stand on. With that, your mobile phone screen can easily look as good as brand new for 365 days when you clean it at one go.

First time tech
Virus free tech
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