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Focused on ultimate hygiene in your hectic everyday lives, THYMOS scientists developed a high power sanitiser as effective for the hospital use, to provide protection for your daily gadget care. THYMOS transforms your personal mobile phone into a device that sanitise automatically, keeping you safe from infectious disease. 

Man-Made Antibody for your Gadgets



Your Self-Sanitising Companion

THYMOS® with the World’s first Self-Sanitising Technology™ is difference from other sanitiser. It has a unique, clinically proven alcohol-free technology that generates bacteriostatic electrons to form a shield around your gadget effectively up-to 365days.


Now you can take advantage on the Anti-Grease feature to precisely control your gadget & forget about repeated sanitising to ensure your gadget are free from infectious disease.

“For the sake of just one application, your device could become a clean device from all of those invisible nasties that seem to like the idea of a nice warm device to live on”


Fear no more, THYMOS got you covered! The Anti-Grease is perfect news!”


“5 Best and most amazing inventions

The New Invention



A Virus-Free Enviroment

Instantly ensure all your devices are clean and safe for yourself and the people around you to prevent sickness when you use GadgetCare. A powerful self-sanitiser in itself. 

THYMOS clinically proven to eliminate Antibiotic Resistance Pathogens and kill 99.99% of viruses it comes in contact with, even the smallest virus in the world. 

Anti Grease, Look as good as new!

Gone are the days when your mobile phone fail to detect your touch while you are in a middle of an intense game, or when your screen looks disgusting with grease, GadgetCare will shield your surface to eliminate all these inconveniences that have robbed your clear display and touch precision. 


Your phones are

18x dirtier than a toilet!

- Fox News

It is well known that most of us take our phones and tablets everywhere, and we mean everywhere! Yet, it is strange to find out that our devices are filthy dirty, studies have found that they are 18x dirtier than a toilet seat and yet what do we do? We put these devices up to our faces and swipe the screens with our fingers, all while we are having lunch! That’s just how it is. We discovered a long term solution for you.

Let this be your first and last time

Forget cleaning constantly while you are on the go, from replying work emails at a restaurant, to playing PokemonGO out on the busy streets,

The Self-Sanitisng Technology™

Take away all your mobile worries when THYMOS generates a powerful shield around your phone effectively up to 365 days.

First time
Virus Free
Anti Grease

On a quest for excellence in hygiene and comfort, THYMOS’ GadgetCare™ is the most outstanding and stunning sanitiser in the world.

Made for the comfort of every stylish individual.



Portable Design

Super fine sprayer

Protect up-to

1 Phone, 1 Tablets

1 LaptopS

Compatible with wareables


365Days lasting

With one single treatment

Go Further with GadgetCare™

Your mobile phone is not all that you touch daily. With the technology, THYMOS' GadgetCare™ is usable to sanitise other gadgets such as laptops, cameras, iPads, and any touchscreen devices – you name it!


When I saw the way baby plays with my phone, I reflected on my everyday outdoor interactions. The exchange of germs from my hand to my phone is in fact extremely dirty. THYMOS ensures my phone is free from viruses and bacteria at all times without compromising his playtime and health.

THYMOS ensures my phone is free from viruses and bacteria at all times


Mother of 2



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