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Open the doors to style and comfort!

THYMOS EarringShield™

  specifically designed

to enable you to wear

any material

of jewellery

without material allergy,

disease infections and inflammations 

Show off your latest styles in comfort

without earring sensitivity


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I used to have many Chanel earrings given by my husband. I love wearing them, but I suffered allergic reactions time to. It never really bothered me until I can no longer take it anymore. At first I thought I will need to give up on all earrings. Surprisingly, after sanitising with Thymos, not only did the swelling stop, my ear hole has healed 100% completely from redness and rash with zero discomfort. I’m pleased with the product!  Thanks for those who invented this!

Jennifer Antonia.

Artis Director.


Material Incompatibility

Allergy Contact Dermatitis

Earrings, regardless how expensive or good of a material it is can cause infections.

Whether you've had your ears pierced for years or recently, your ear holes are still highly sensitive to material that it is exposed to.


Protect your clear skin from allergic contact dermatitis that gives you unpleasant inflammatory reactions like extreme itchiness, skin redness, swelling and dry blisters.



Generate the

Invisible Shield 

Be it jewellery made of wood plastic, nickel, steel, copper, silver or gold, it is now possible with EarringShield. Guaranteed ease and comfort anytime of the day.

With a single application spray of EarringShield™ on your earrings, it will generate a powerful shield that releases negatively charged electrons to protect you from direct exposure to allergen materials & pathogens.

Promote Recovery, 

Pain Relief.

Natural and safe, THYMOS’ AirGuard technology® boosts blood circulation to keep enough oxygen and nutrients supply to your ears. This healthy blood flow promotes healing effects on wounds, scar tissues to reducing muscle soreness. 

EarringShield™ accelerates recovery for any ear holes inflammations and irritants before further swelling and pain takes place. Giving you absolute zero discomfort in a blink of an eye!

Enhance Radiance & Durability

What’s an accessory without a sparkle? 

With EarringShield™, we increase the durability of your earrings and jewellery to withstand dusts and dirt that prevents dull appearance of your earrings. In return, EarringShield can enhance radiance for that long-lasting sparkle and prevent unpleasant odour from body sweat and accumulated dusts and dirt.

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Earring Shield
Earring Promote Recovery
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On a quest for excellence in hygiene and comfort, THYMOS’ EarringShield™ is the most outstanding and stunning sanitiser in the world.


Made for the comfort of every stylish individual.



Portable Design

Super fine sprayer

Protect up-to


Pairs of Earrings

Compatible with Jewellery




With one single treatment

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Not Just For Earrings 

Take all your troubles away!

EarringCare unfolds the unlimited possibilities with this advanced technology that is compatible for uses on other jewelleries and materials such as necklaces and pendants, watches, bracelets, rings and many more.

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Putting on my earring again - so happy and confident, I nearly cry!

I have always suffered with an allergic reaction and a bad rash all over my ear. At first, my friends told me that I am unhygienic, but I do not think so. I immediately had to take it off before it worsen and have since been enviable of my friends and women today who are able to wear stylish designed earrings. Thankfully, I came across Thymos and bought one online! I sanitised following the instructions and successfully put on my first pair of earrings again - except no pain and itch! I wish this product was available earlier! I am so happy and confident now, I nearly cry!

Elise Sacramento




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