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AirGuard Technology™

THYMOS® revolutionise the world around you with an all-new technology that sanitises automatically for 365 days in a single spray.


Changing the way people traditionally sanitise, THYMOS brings comfort and instant protection in everyone’s daily lives from bacteria and viruses – making moments more enjoyable without worries. 

This is your choice, be your own hero.

Why it last 365Days

Bacteria and viruses are constantly growing stronger day by day for survival. Without careful precaution and protection, the human system will easily be exposed and prone to diseases that it is incapable to fight.

Unlike any other sanitiser, THYMOS is the world’s most advanced sanitiser that works relentlessly around the clock to protect any treated surface of your choice from the most harmful bacteria and viruses, including the smallest virus ever found. 

Whenever the technology comes into contact with a particular surface, it automatically releases negatively charged ions that will help in capturing airborne particles including Pathogens and Volatile Organic Compounds, meanwhile the Activated Minerals form an electron shield around the treated surface. Pathogens and VOC on the sterilising surface will be disarmed and permanently eliminated - making it impossible for any form of survival and replication. 

THYMOS generates a powerful shield by releasing negatively charged ions to protect you from direct contact to allergen materials and harmful pathogens. With activated mineral particle breakdown as small as 100,000x smaller than human hair, it can effectively penetrate any surface on Earth.


Using the finest high-quality of minerals, THYMOS films a shield on any treated surface with Activated Minerals that will automatically be triggered and activated to protect when it comes in contact with air and light. The activated mineral particles generate bacteriostatic electron that destroys pathogens, and the growth or multiplication of bacteria.

Let this be your first and last time

Alcohol-free Environment

Alcohol use in products and surroundings that expose to children’s skin should not occur, especially if they are below 2 years, as they have under developed skin barrier function unsafe for exposures to harmful pathogens. 

Instead of killing all pathogenic bacteria from the constant sanitise of hands, alcohol may actually be more detrimental to you and your little one’s health because it creates a breeding ground for the bacteria instead which lead to more illness.

ChildCare is a protective alcohol-free sanitiser that uses organic minerals to make it impossible for any bacteria and even virus’ survival to come close to your little one, while keeping the air toxin-free at the same time.

Laboratories worldwide had certified THYMOS’s ability to kill 99.99% of deadly MERS-CoV, CoronaViruses, Influenza H1N1, Enterovirus (Coxsackie), Staphylococcus Aureus, E-Coli, Aspergillus, Candidas, Pseudomonas & other pathogens. ​

Free from BPA exposure and cancer

Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the most common chemicals to which we are exposed in everyday life. A chemical used for making certain plastics, epoxy resin that lines food cans, BPA is present in many common household products such as plastic water bottles, food cans,  most of all, baby bottles and toy products. 


Surprisingly, this commonly used chemical is also responsible in disrupting the hormone system when exposures occur while babies are still in the womb or in their early life. Whereas for adults, miniscule exposures can increase risks for breast cancer, prostate cancer, miscarriages, infertility, early puberty, metabolic disorders and type-2 diabetes. 


A single application spray of THYMOS ChildCare™, on your little one’s favourite toy and surrounding can greatly eliminate risks when it generates a powerful electrons shield that protect any direct contact with BPA, including other toxic chemical such as VOC.

Enjoy fresh and clean indoor air

When THYMOS is sprayed on the treated area, the Self-Sanitising technology™ releases negatively charged ions creating an invisible shield to capture airborne pollutants particles containing pathogens and VOC to be sterilised on the surface. With the aid of air circulation, the electrons can interact with molecules in the air and break the chemical bonds apart, turning them into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water. 


THYMOS can be used to promote clean and healthy air in confined spaces such as maternity rooms to the walls within homes to keep disease away from you and your little ones.

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